Q) Where do I begin? 
A) The first step is to register.  Please fill out the online Funeral Home Sign Up to create an account with Obituary Systems (OBS).

Q) How do I get a login?
A) Once your Funeral Home has been registered, you will receive a link to set-up your Funeral Home’s login. Click on the link.  Select a username and password that you will remember. Your username and password may not be the same. For future reference, write down and secure your username and password. You will need these the next time you visit the site to post or update obituary and service information.

Q) How can I change information that the system automatically populates for me?
A)  The OBS systems populates information from the registration form you completed when your funeral home joined OBS.  There are two ways to change this information:  1) for one-time changes, modify the field each time you post a new obituary; or 2) for changes to what information automatically populates for future postings, go back into the system and update your registration information. 

Q) What information will I be asked to provide? 
A) You will be asked to provide information such as the name of your funeral home, location and point of contact information, and the license number of your Funeral Home or the Managing Funeral Director’s license number, as well as to check boxes to indicate which services your funeral home offers. Please gather this information before beginning the registration process.

Q) What if someone at my funeral home has already registered?
A) If you or someone at your funeral home has already registered to join OBS, return to the Home page, click on the Login link, and enter your funeral home’s email and password. If you do not know your funeral home’s email and password, please check with your Funeral Home management or contact the OBS Help Desk at info@obituarysystems.com for further assistance. 

Q) What if I am not ready to complete registration? 
A) If you do not want to complete the registration process, please click Cancel at the bottom of the page.  You can begin the process again at your convenience.

Q) Do I have to fill out a registration form?
A) Every funeral home that wishes to use the OBS website is required to register to create an account. System-required information is denoted with an asterisk (*). Additional registration materials may be required. Upload the link to your Funeral Home website.

Q) How do I save my registration form? 
A) You must click SAVE AND CONTINUE to save the information you have entered. If you have closed your browser before completing your registration, you may return to the web site, and start a new registration form.

Q) Can I copy selected information from another electronic document?
A) Yes. For example, you can copy and paste the information from a Word, WordPerfect, or Google document directly into the appropriate fields in the registration form.

Q) How do I complete my Funeral Home registration?
A) Click Submit. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your registration has been processed or an e-mail requesting additional information needed to complete the registration.

Q)  What are my payment options?
A)  Funeral homes may pay by using a credit card, a debit card, or an ACH (Automated Clearing House) electronic payment method.

Q)  My document was created on a Mac, what do I need to do? 
A)  OBS is a web-based platform, so it should work just fine.

Q)  Is there a fee to register my funeral home with OBS?
A)  Each funeral home that wishes to use OBS services has two options:      
    1) pay an annual OBS membership fee; or
    2) maintain a current valid membership with a funeral services association selected from the list on the OBS website. 

Q)  How do I verify that my funeral home is a member of a professional funeral services association?
A)  Include the name of the organization and your funeral home’s membership number on your application.  The association will verify that your funeral home has a current membership in good standing.  Note:  For any questions on whether your membership with your association of choice is current, please contact the association directly.  The association should be able to tell you what your membership number is and when you last paid your Funeral Home’s dues.

Q)  What if my funeral home’s membership in a professional funeral services association has expired? 
A)  If your funeral home’s membership with your desired association has expired, you have three options:  1) renew your association membership and resubmit your OBS registration;  2) select another association from the list with whom your funeral home has a current membership; or 3) pay an annual OBS membership fee. 

Q)  What if my funeral home has more than one membership in a professional funeral services association?
A)  Select the one that you prefer to list on your OBS registration form and include their information.   

Q)   What if my funeral home changes the URL of our website?  How do I update the redirect link?
A)  Please go back into your funeral home’s registration and update the correct URL information and link.  Please contact our Help Desk at info@obituarysystems.com if the new link is not active within 48 business hours. 

Q)  What if I have an urgent or time-sensitive question?
A)  Please call the OBS Customer Support Team at 217-993-7777.

Q)  How do I upload the text of the obituary notice I wish to post?
A)  Prepare the text in a Word document and cut and paste into the appropriate boxes.  You may type it directly, as well.

Q) What if my obituary text is more than 1500 words and I selected the first option? 

A) Reduce the number of words, press Next, then go back and select the higher tier. Press Next and add the rest of the text. 

Q)  How many photos can I post in an obituary?
A)  Either one or two, as the family prefers.  A current photo plus a favorite photo from an earlier period of life can be a great option. Our redirect link will connect visitors to your Funeral Home’s website where you may choose to display additional photos, videos, and reflections from friends and family. 

Q)  What if the photo for the obituary does not fit?
A)   Modify the photo to reduce the overall size.  Upload the photo.  Images must be 248 x 248 pixels.

Q)  How do I change the background banner on an obituary?
A)  When you upload an obituary, Go to Step 2 (Obituary Details) and you will have the option to change the obituary background image.  Click on the desired background.

Q)  How often does OBS change the background banner selection options?
A)   OBS Support Team will regularly update the available background banner selections to include seasonal options.  OBS Support Team welcomes suggestions for banner backgrounds.  Please send your suggestions to info@obituarysystems.com   

Q)  What do I do if I forget my funeral home’s user id and/or password? 
A)  Click "Forgot My Password" on the Funeral Home login page.

Q)   What if my funeral home’s credit card or ACH payment is not processed?
A)   It is very important to immediately call your financial institution or credit card company to help you to resolve the problem.  The obituary will not be posted until the payment has been processed. 

Q)  How do I include a map link when I post an obituary?
A)  If you include the address to the event location, a link to map and directions will be included. 

Q)  How often should I reset my password?
A)  At least every six months or when there is a relevant change in staff or in operations protocol at your funeral home.

Q)  What makes a good password?
A)  The ideal password should be easy for you to remember and impossible for others to guess. Some tips:
-Your password must be at least 8 characters in length.
-You should have at least one letter, one number and one symbol (i.e. !$&) in the password.
-Use at least one capital letter (upper case) in your password.
-Don't use readily identifiable information, such as your name, birthdate, address, Social Security number, or telephone number.
-Do not use any proper names.

Q)  What browsers does OBS support?
A)  Most modern browsers should allow you to use the entire site, such as:
-Microsoft® Edge – latest version
-Internet Explorer® 11
-Firefox® – latest version
-Chrome® – latest version
-Safari® 11+

Q) What if my funeral home uses another browser?
A)  Other browsers may also work.  Please contact the OBS Help Desk at info@obituarysystems.com if you need assistance.

Q)  What happens when I click log-off?
A)  Clicking "Log Off" ends your secure session and sends you to our public homepage. From there, you may either leave the OBS link or log onto the site again. You will not be able to access any account-specific information or post any additional obituaries until you log in again.